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Perfection in design is achieved by ones who dare to push boundaries. By those who fearlessly test their ideas. History will only remember the brave ones that were not afraid to fail, over and over again. This is the mantra that drives us, defines our products, and distinguishes our customers. Our test instruments are designed for engineers who dare to put their design to the ultimate test. The fearless ones. For engineers who seek the ultimate truth in perfection.



Uniquely tailored
for power electronics perfectionists.


Typhoon HIL products are extensively used for the design, development, automated testing, certification, and quality assurance (QA) of power electronics control systems. Our systems are used for a range of applications such as: PV inverters, wind converters, motor drives, micro-grids, active filters, FACTS devices, traction, telecom.




580 processor

Typhoon HIL Dual/Quad/Hex core processors.

The fastest, lowest latency, and most versatile real-time emulator processor.

Typhoon’s proprietary digital processor architectures set the performance standard for ultra-high fidelity, ultra-low latency, real-time power electronics emulator applications. With processors parallel cores, blazingly fast network on chip, 20ns sampling time, and down to 500ns simulation time step, HIL systems emulate the most demanding power electronics systems with impeccable signal fidelity. In addition, ultra-fast processor I/O enable 1µs loop-back latencies.

580 control center

HIL Control Center

Thoughtful software design attuned to power electronics engineers needs.

HIL Control Center software takes full advantage of the incredible technologies in our HIL hardware units and comes preloaded with software modules: Schematic editor, HIL Control Panel, Test Editor, and Waveform Generator. It makes the HIL intuitive and easy to use. Schematic Editor is designed specially for power electronics engineers. Its extensive library of elements and vector graphics provide streamlined yet elegant canvas for rapid building if converter models. HIL Control Panel lets you be the pilot in the “cockpit” of Typhoon HIL power electronics “flight simulator” via user interface. Test Editor lets you test power electronics controls until you run out of ideas, not time and money. With Python API write test script libraries to test your designs under all operating conditions, faults, and corner cases.




Learning with HIL
New way of learning real life power electronics for the 21st century power electronics engineers


390 tlab

Teaching lab

Teaching power electronics reinvented.

Accelerate and enrich your students power electronics learning experience with a completely safe, fully interactive, flexible, and ultra-high fidelity Typhoon HIL’s Laboratory in a Box. Hardware-in-the-loop is changing power electronics learning paradigm according to the formula: play first and get quickly engaged while effortlessly developing intuition, and only then go for the in-depth exploration of power electronics theory and engineering principles. With ultra-high fidelity HIL equipped with a rich library of power electronics components and a real TI DSP controller, this learning kit provides a versatile desktop alternative to expensive, dangerous, and inflexible power electronics labs.

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390 utd


Learn high-power digital controls, hands-on.

We have developed the most comprehensive, hands-on “Grid Connected Converter Control” course. The course material effortlessly guides you from an application level exploration all the way to implementation details; from simple to complex control concepts. Two-level, three-phase inverter is used as an example power stage since it is often used as grid interface in renewable generators, FACTS devices, grid storage devices, and micro-grid applications. Course participants will also receive our 200+ page course book detailing theory, control code examples, exercises and more.

GCC workshop practicum preview

390 wlab


Hardware-in-the-loop in the cloud.

HIL WebLab technology enables you to access HIL resources “in the cloud” without the need for capital investment. Whether you are using HIL WebLab to demonstrate your converter and controller capabilities, for teaching, short-course, or simply to test drive HIL technology, smooth and tightly integrated web based software front-end provides impeccable speed and responsiveness as if HIL systems were next to you.

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